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Little Mixer

Little Mixer is an app which guides users through the process of planning and throwing a Dinner or Cocktail Party. Little Mixer is intended to make, entertaining, a process that is seems overwhelming achievable. Entertaining should be easy and fun. Given a plan anyone can be a great host.

Technology Used: React, Redux, Node.js, Express, MongoDB, Enzyme, Mocha, Axios

Samantah Fakahany portfolio website about me page
Samantah Fakahany, Writer and Researcher

A portfolio for freelance writer and researcher Samantah Fakahany. This website displays the range of Samantah's work and allows clients to contact her directly.

Technology Used: Javascript, HTML, CSS

K12 Engineering Education Screenshot
The K12 Engineering Education Podcast

The K12 Engineering Education Podcast's purpose is to engage educators, engineers, entrepreneurs. I had the opportunity to work with two Austin area engineers, Pios Wong and Anthony Brown, to create the website for this podcast.

Technology Used: React, Puppeteer, PHP, Laravel,